Fall Networking Event

We hope you can join us for our first ever USC NOBE Networking Event! This semester our theme is Venture Capital. It will be a great opportunity to meet local professionals, meet entrepreneurial USC students, and enjoy a really special presentation!

We are inviting Bill Edwards, Bryan and Edwards, and Pitch Johnson, Asset Management Company, to join us on a panel following a screening of the timely, documentary film, Something Ventured. This film follows the stories of successful venture capitalists as they started not only their industry, but also that of Apple, Tandem, Cisco, Genentech and others!

Registration Information

Please note that this event requires RSVP, which can be found at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_US&formkey=dEVhV0NZWDdkVExJSjFLMjA2WXhaY1E6MQ#gid=0. We will email back with a confirmation of your RSVP.

*There are a few spots still available, but RSVP as soon as possible!

The schedule will be as follows:

6:00 to 6:45pm. Networking Event. Meet local professionals and get to know students of the Marshall School of Business and Viterbi School of Engineering.

6:45 to 8:15pm. Screening. We will enjoy a screening of the documentary film, Something Ventured – which features our very panel guests! (www.somethingventuredthemovie.com)

8:15 to 8:45pm. Panel Discussion. We have the pleasure of inviting Bill Edwards, Bryan and Edwards, and Pitch Johnson, Asset Management Company – pioneers of the venture capital industry – to answer our looming questions.

Feel free to download more information!

Save-The-Date: USC NOBE Fall Networking Event

Something Ventured Poster: SOMETHING-VENTURE-Movie-Poster copy

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